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The members of the firm are especially proud of our support staff and the degree to which they work as key team members to aid our clients during what is often the most difficult time of their lives. Our legal assistants tend to stay with us a long time, which is a testament to their patience with their boss and, more importantly, their dedication to helping our injured clients. The term “legal secretary” doesn’t begin to describe their roles. We call these ladies “case managers” to indicate our commitment to the belief that communication with our clients is key to a successfully handled claim.

Every client is assigned to a team of case managers who are charged with the responsibility of updating the medical and work information on each claim and keeping the lawyer who is in charge of the file fully informed so critical steps are undertaken in a timely way. At least one of our case managers is capable of translating from Spanish to English.

We are proud of our relationships in the medical community. The doctors and therapists to whom we sometimes refer our clients are chosen first and foremost for their abilities to help our clients get well as soon as possible. We don’t want to string out your recovery or prolong your case one day longer than necessary. If your medical team isn’t doing the job, let us help you find the right doctor.

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