Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Jeep & Hauck? ​

There are hundreds of so-called trial lawyers advertising on the internet.  Most are “referral services,” meaning that they’ll send your case on to another lawyer in exchange for a fee.  Very seldom do any of these services know anything about the judges in your jurisdiction, the local legal customs, or the ins-and-outs of handling a real-life case.  Many websites are for large legal factories that will shuffle your case to junior associates who are overworked and under-supervised. 

We’re not out-of-town lawyers with large expensive Chicago offices.  We won’t disappear when your case is done.  You can meet with us in our local offices as needed.  We know our communities and can help you find the best doctors.  We live where we practice and interact in the community where you live.  Read our biographies to find out more about who we are as people and as lawyers.   You’ll be dealing with and represented by the lawyers at Jeep & Hauck and we’ll have a personal relationship.  And our support staff is the best in the business.  We offer full Spanish language translation through our gifted legal assistant who has more than ten years of experience helping injured Spanish-speaking workers.  (Under Illinois law immigrants who are not yet citizens ARE ELIGIBLE for full benefits if injured on the job.)