Firm Overview

Respected & Protected

Powerful insurance companies have time, money, and teams of legal experts on their side.  Their goal is to delay, deny, and frustrate your efforts to recover from the trauma of your injuries and get back to normal life—taking care of your bills and making an honest living.  Why?  They want to force you to get less medical care than you need and force you to take less than your claim is worth.

With the lawyers of Jeep & Hauck on your side you will be respected, protected, and compassionately helped to get your life back on track.

Fighting for the Rights of the Injured

Our clients are hard-working people like you who only want to be treated fairly.  Our clients don’t want to take advantage of anyone, but also don’t want anyone to take advantage of them.  Our clients want to be healed from the trauma of an injury and go back to work to make an honest living, pay their bills, and take care of their families. 

The Workers’ Compensation system in Illinois has many flaws and can require months of argument and litigation to get you what you need and deserve.  The benefits are not automatic.  Is a pre-existing medical condition a bar to receiving treatment or weekly benefits?  What unreasonable hoops will the insurance company make an injured worker jump through to receive weekly support (called “temporary total disability” or “TTD”) to keep his or her family afloat during the healing process?  Can you pick your own doctor or must you keep going to the “company doctor”?  Because you have diabetes, arthritis, or are overweight can your benefits be delayed or denied?

We do the fighting so that you can focus on the healing